Saturday, March 28, 2015


Alaska: You are one. So big yet still so small. You are definitely not a little baby anymore....but I still call you my 'little baby.'


Alaska: You were grumpy, so I had to play peekaboo to get you to smile. This is your 'expectant' face, the face you put on when your waiting for me to do something funny and I never want to forget it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Alaska: I chose this photo this week not because of it's beauty, but for the reality factor. This is our reality most days; a messy kitchen and you waddling around in the nude. I want to remember everything about your babyhood...even the mess!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monthly updates: 11 months

Your last month of being a baby! It was very tricky to take this shot because you are not very keen on lying still any more! 

At the start of this month you started standing unassisted for long periods, by the end of the month you took your first steps. You like to carry things around with you, anything you can find. Your favourite thing to carry around is shoes. You have figured out that when I say 'ta' I want you to give me what you have and this is a very fun game for you. 

You have developed a real love for dogs this month. You have also developed a love for climbing things, especially the couch. Your attitude has really started to come out and you make a hilarious frowning face. You teethed a lot this month and subsequently bit me and your Papa A LOT! We constantly told you 'no biting' while frowning and shaking our heads and you began to copy us. 

One of your biggest loves is music and dancing. You love to hold our phones while a song is playing and bop up and down while waving your arms to the beat. If the song we put on isn't dance-worthy you will frown and give the phone back so we can change it!

Your favourite foods this month are pomegranate, watermelon and banana. 


Alaska: This week we moved into our new house! It was sad to say goodbye to our old house, especially seeing as that was where you grew in my tummy and spent almost your first year of life. But we will make new memories in our new place. You love the park nearby and having a dishwasher means less time washing dishes and more time to do funner things! 


Alaska: There is something about you when you sleep that has been constant every since you were a newborn. So soft and peaceful I often can't help but stare at you.


Alaska: All the night feeding you a doing is making you a little chubba. I will miss kissing those chubby cheeks when you are a big girl.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Alaska: Summer has begun and the house is getting hot! You like to chill out in the nude. We spend our last few weeks in this house before we move to a smaller one with air conditioning.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Alaska: Welcome to your second year. This time last year I was bursting with anticipation to meet you, wondering about every little detail about you, and here you are, a hilarious little lady who is growing up way too fast.