Monday, October 20, 2014


Alaska: I don't know where I'd be without my sling. There are so many days where you are feeling cranky and just want to be close to me. I pick you up, pop you in and go about my business as usual with you on my hip. I love having you close to me, right where you belong.


Alaska: You have learnt to wave! You flap your little arm up and down with a huge smile on your face and it is the cutest thing.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monthly updates: 6 months

Month six  has been my favorite month of being Alaska's Mum. She is such a happy little lady. She loves to eat food and is a boob addict. This month she started saying 'mama' and 'dada' and has also started to wave. She loves being around people and is so smiley. 

Food and anything she can put in her mouth
Playing with my keys 
Being held
Sleeping next to Mum 

Sleeping in the carrier

Long car rides

Friday, September 26, 2014



“i do not expect my child’s respect.
just because i have given birth to their life.
does not mean they owe me.
what i want most
is to look into my child’s eyes
that i have given birth
held and feed.
from the moment we first met.
they love me for it.” 

Nayyirah Waheed

Monday, September 22, 2014


Alaska: This week was your first Fathers Day. I often get jealous of how excited you get when you see your Papa. You have a special smile reserved just for him

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Alaska: You are so curious and captivated by your toys. You play so peacefully, occasionally looking up at me to ensure I am around. I smile at you and you smile back and we are connected. You are such a sweet little human and my heart is so full of love for you that it overwhelms me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Alaska: Grammie loves to give you a bath and you love to kick and splash with Grammie looking on. It's become a tradition when we go to your Grandparent's house. Here you are all fresh, getting dried and ready for dinner and bed.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Monthly updates: 3 months, 4 months, 5 months

OK so Alaska is now 6 months old so I am very behind! I have had these photos and descriptions ready for a long time but am only now getting around to posting!

 3 months:

I thought I had a very well behaved baby for the first two months, but that has gone out the window lately. Don't get me wrong, Alaska is still delightful and very happy most of the time however she has a developed a need wherein she requires a quiet and dim room to feed in which makes going out or having people over quite tricky. And daytime sleep... What daytime sleep? She is very busy and always wants to know what's going on and sleeping means she misses out so she would much rather be awake.

Seeing everything and everyone all the time
Having her hand held
Papa playing the xylophone
Sucking on her hand
Kicking around in the bath
Standing up

Missing out on seeing anything
The car

Things I love about you:
When you stretch you look like a cute little old man, you throw your head back, pucker up your face and wiggle your neck. I love your chunky legs. I love that as you are falling asleep you always smile or laugh and I wonder what you are dreaming about. I love the smell of your skin. I love how happy you are to see me when you wake up from a nap. 

4 months:

Alaska's personality has really started to come out at 4 months old.  She knows what she does and doesn't want. While she is awake she is very happy and a real sticky beak. She gets easily overwhelmed meeting too many new people or meeting new people while she is tired and will drop her bottom lip and let out a cry that sounds like she's saying 'muuuuuuumaaaaaaaa.'
Sleeping is a huge challenge at 4 months. Her sleep is very unpredictable and her naps decreased to be only 40 minutes at a time. She will wake up if put down while napping during the day so while its been challenging, I've been holding her for naps to avoid having an overtired cranky baby. She wakes frequently every night giving her Mumma only 5 hours sleep most nights! Motherhood was a real challenge in month 4. She also started teething this month. 

Anything she can get her hands on and put in her mouth
Baths and showers
Standing up
Sucking on your fingers 
Being awake in the middle of the night

Going to sleep 
Car rides 

5 months:

Alaska has become a whole new baby in month 5. Her sleeping has improved hugely especially at night although I am still having to hold her while she naps most of the time. As long as I am getting a good nights rest I don't mind! Her personality is coming through more and more. She loves being around people after a couple of minutes warming up and loves to be out and about in the carrier observing everything she can. She is a super happy girl and loves to chatter, blow bubbles and make the cutest squealing noises. She started to sit up by herself this month and loves to explore things with her hands and put everything in her mouth. She has also started to laugh more which brings us so much joy. She showed so much interest in food this month that we ended up giving her little tastes of some banana and avacado. She absolutely loves food and by 5.5 months has started eating every day. She will pant and stick her tongue out and shake in anticipation like a little puppy whenever food is in sight.

Sitting up
Touching everything
Putting everything in her mouth
Meeting new people
Mumma's milk


Being put down while she naps

From 5 days old to 5 months old:

Friday, August 29, 2014


Alaska: I love your your soft skin, fluffy hair, little eager hands wanting to touch everything and the way you kick your little legs and splash in the bath. Your so amazingly pure and fresh to the world.

Ps. Here you are at around 1 month old in the bath! I cannot believe how little you were.