Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monthly Update: 16 months

Alaska's speech has really taken off in month 16. She has mastered the 'sh' sound and has started repeating words back to us. She is learning multiple words a day, including:
  • Cracker
  • Jacket
  • Pasta
  • Blocks
  • Toes
  • Nose
  • 'Alaska'
  • Bus
  • Flower (sounds like 'avwar'
  • Hat (sounds like 'ass')
  • Tram (ning ning)
  • Noodle
  • Cuddles (cugga)
  • Cheeky (she thinks cheeks are called cheeky)
  • 'Jon'
  • 'Sarah'
  • 'Asher'
  • 'Jordan'
  • 'Grammie'
  • 'Poppy'
  • Pants
  • Zebra
  • Giraffe
  • Happy
  • Star
  • Nappy
  • Carrot
  • Neck
  • Boobies
  • Mess
  • Humpty
  • Chocolate
  • Mushrooms
She knows almost all of her body parts and will wash them all when asked to. I always know what's on her mind the most by what she first talks about when she wakes up. This month it has mostly been body parts. She loves trains, trams. cars, planes etc.  When she hears a plane, she will stop and say 'mmmmmmmm,' and has interpreted the motorbike's noise to be 'geeeeeeeee.' She sings 'bye baby' when she wants us to sing 'Rockabye baby.'

Her independence is blossoming and Alaska wants to do everything herself. She has started draping clothes around her neck, trying to put them on, and has put her arms into pant holes a few times. She tries to put her shoes on but hasn't figured it out yet. She loves putting hats on, as that is something she can easily do. While we cooking or cleaning she will stand on her stool on the bench or dining table and busy herself with miscellaneous objects.

She uses the cards in my wallet (which she calls 'money') as phones and will talk to her family and friends.  She also likes to 'beep' my card on PayPass at the shops.

Her favourite food is butter and she would eat a whole block if I allowed it. She also loves pasta, peanut butter, mushrooms, smoothies, soup and waffles...but will not each much else. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Monthly updates: 15 months

Alaska has learnt lots of new words and noises at 15 months. She says 'sss' like a snake, 'ooo ooo, aaa aaa,' like a monkey, says 'birdy,''bee,' 'bunny,' 'beep beep' for a car, 'toot toot' for a train, 'cya,' 'snap snap' for a crocodile, 'dinosaur,' 'giraffe,' 'butter,' 'eyes,' 'money,' 'outside' and says 'Starka' for Sammy's Mum.

She can point to her eyes, ears, teeth, mouth, tongue, nose, cheeks, hair, fingers, belly and toes.
She has started to get really frustrated with certain things and have meltdowns. Especially when she can't fit something into something or when she can't express what she wants.

Some extra cute things she has done lately is when something is hot, she will blow on it whether it is food or not. She also will look me in the eyes and with a big smile on her face will say 'mama,' lean in and kiss me on the lips.

She is very fussy with food and won't even try a lot of things. Her favourite food and the only thing she's guaranteed to eat is pasta. She will also eat copious amount of butter if I let her.

Her favourite songs are Baa baa black sheep and Old McDonald and she asks us to sing them regularly.
I have discovered that she loves 'helping' and bought her a step stool so that she can start doing things herself, which she is really pleased with. Now she can brush her teeth and wash her hands without being lifted up (she still need a lot of help but she feels like she is doing it herself.)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monthly updates: 14 months

This month is all about animals. Alaska is completely obsessed and is waking up in the middle of the night talking about them. She says 'rar' for lion, 'baa' for sheep, 'boooo' for cow and pants like a doggy as well as saying 'how how.' She also does an elephant noise, says 'duck' and 'birdie,' and loves bees. 

Her speech has really taken off this month. She says 'ta,' 'baby' and shoe which sounds like 'goo' and makes a disgusted face and noise which means 'yuck.'

She is obsessed with Aunty Holly and says 'holly' and loves going into her room and making a mess. She is also obsessed with Papa and always asks where he is.

She has started sleep talking and mostly talks about doggies. She also fake coughs.

She calls breastfeeding 'noi noi' which she made up herself, and asks for it a lot. 

Alaska has also learnt where her tongue, nose and eyes are. 

Her obsession with books has really taken off and we read her around 20 books a day, sometimes the same ones over and over. She mostly loves books about animals. This month was the first month she showed interest in videos. She is now very much obsessed with watching any sort of video and will have a tantrum when we say no, which involves stomping her feet, screeching and sometimes going all floppy. This month Alaska has been quite demanding but is a lot of fun because she is learning so much.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monthly updates: 13 months

Alaska has picked up some new words this month including ball, ta, tickle and boo!
She is still obsessed with dogs and won't stop talking about them! She will wander around the house pulling her doggy toys saying 'doggy!' repeatedly. 

She has learnt lots of new skills including blowing her nose into a tissue, using a spoon to eat, blowing on her food to cool it down, patting animals gently instead of pulling their hair and blowing kisses. 

She loves to bounce on things and say shriek 'wee, wee, wee!'

She has started to wave 'goodnight' when she wants to let us know that she wants to have milkies and go to bed and is still using her 'milkies' sign in sign language. 

This month she has loved pulling and pushing things and taking things out and putting them back in. She also loves bags with handles and will carry them around the house. 

She has shown a sudden interest in books this month, much to our delight. She can turn the pages and has certain favourites. Any book with a doggy in it or animals is a big hit. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Monthly updates: 12 months

So it has been 12 whole months since I started Alaska's monthly updates. So glad I have kept record of her development. I will continue this year, but I definitely cannot get her to lie down next to Louie the Lion anymore! But we will still use him for scale.

Here is all the photos together:

So here is the 12 month update. Alaska is saying 'mama,' 'daddy,'doggy,' 'teddy' and 'bath.'
She is still obsessed with music and dancing. She has starting giving us kisses. At first they were open mouthed ones, but towards the end of the month she has started actually pursing her lips and making a kissing sound. 

She has such a sweet heart and is very affectionate. She will often give kisses without being asked to. We share a bed and I love our cuddles. She voluntarily cuddles me in the morning and gives me kisses all over my face. It is unbelievably cute!

Alaska loves the park near our house and loves to meet and play with other kids there. She is walking full time now, which has given her even more confidence. She has picked up some new quirks, such as fake laughing, imitating a doggy panting, drinking water from the bath tap, tickling people's toes while saying "tickletickletickle" and taking lids off and on. 

She has started sleeping a little better, which is a huge relief. Some nights we will get 4 straight hours which is amazing. Because of this, I have started being able to stay up a little later and watch TV which makes me feel very refreshed.

Alaska has started to call me Mama which melts my heart. It is her favourite word this month. 

This month I returned to work 2 days a week and Alaska stayed home with her Papa. She loves days with him but is very excited when I come home and does the sign for 'milkies' immediately.

Frozen blueberries are Alaska's favourite food this month probably because she is teething and they numb her little gums. Some days when she is feeling especially sick they are the only food she will eat (along with milkies.)

We are really starting to see some toddler behaviour with Alaska now and she will have meltdowns when she feels frustrated. But usually she is a pretty happy little lady.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Alaska: You are one. So big yet still so small. You are definitely not a little baby anymore....but I still call you my 'little baby.'


Alaska: You were grumpy, so I had to play peekaboo to get you to smile. This is your 'expectant' face, the face you put on when your waiting for me to do something funny and I never want to forget it.